Based in Vancouver, WA, we are a church with a special emphasis on missions.

We gather every Sunday from 6 PM to 8 PM at St. Andrews Lutheran Church, located at 5607 NE Gher Road, Vancouver, WA 98662. We also offer Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees year round through Vision University and the International School of Ministry (ISOM) curriculum.

What We Believe

We align with the Lausanne Covenant and are a Church of God church. See our blog for where we further discuss our theology.

Our Mission

We believe that God desires to reconcile the world to himself through the work of Jesus and by the means of the Holy Spirit. It’s our job as the local church to partner with God in this profound work.

Our Name

“Diaspora” is Greek for spread out and is used in the New Testament sometimes to speak of Christian Jews who were spread out due to persecution (Acts 1:8-4). We call ourselves Diaspora Mission Church so as to never forget the Great Commission of Jesus to spread out into all the world.

We began as a church with the vision of being a house of prayer for all nations. This is in fact the very vision Jesus had the for the church in his earthly ministry (Matt 21:13).